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Just call me Yoda

May 17, 2021

Written by Katherine Thomas 

In my opinion, The hardest part and the most rewarding part of owning a business just so happens to be the same thing.




It is so hard to be responsible for another human being, to teach them in a way they will understand, and to motivate them to be the best version of themself- and it’s a heck of a lot harder when it’s humans that you did not raise! 🤣


It’s hard to be a good leader. This is one aspect of my journey that I have tried really hard not to leave up to trail and error. I read books, I listen to podcasts, and I attend seminars. I try really hard to be a good leader. But, I’ve made several mistakes over the years, and some of them make me cringe. 😖


Guiding others to be the best versions of themselves is a passion of mine, and it’s what I consider to be the key to keeping employees motivated. If they are given the opportunity to shine, and their shine is acknowledged and appreciated- I believe that their natural skill set will help the business flourish.


I look back and think it is so funny that I could not decide what I wanted to get my degree in. I flip flopped back and forth between teaching and psychology, and I feel like my job is a combination of the two.


You know how the parents of multiple kids always seem super chill and like they have it all together? Maybe one day, after I have lots of experience, I will be this wise old Yoda type of leader. 😅

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