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Planting Tree Climbers

May 17, 2021

Written by Katherine Thomas

I just LOVE a good idea. It really doesn’t take much to light my fire. All it takes is one little spark..... and I’ve broken it down into 10 mini-goals, imagined what it will look like, and felt the joy that it will bring to everyone- all within .5 seconds. So after a couple years in business when Robbie mentioned that if we ever decided to BRANCH out into a kids store, we should name it Tree Climbers, that’s all I needed to make a spark. (😅 Do you like all my tree puns?)


With the bigger store, we were able to expand curvy, shoes, and accessories- but being a girl mom puts you into a new world that you did not know existed.


Really. It’s a lot....


So I found a vendor that I thought was okay, and I ordered like 8 different pieces. We set up a little section in the store, posted about it, and hoped for the best. Well..... it flopped. I’m talking, we couldn’t give it away. We ended up being able to get rid of some of it at a yard sale at our house for like $3 😑, but we donated most of it.


It left a pit in my stomach.


It’s so hard to take a chance on things and watch them fail. But looking back, it was not very well thought out. I should have spent more time researching before I took the plunge and decided to make the investment, but when you use the trial and error method, sometimes it’s like a game of roulette. You never know what is going to stick and what’s not. I always say that the things I think will sell, don’t, and the things I think won’t sell, sell out. Sometimes it happens that way.


It was a while before the idea sparked again. When you watch something fail, it makes you so much more reluctant to try again. But this time- I found vendors that weren’t just “okay”, I loved them. I spent time researching, soaked up as much information as I could, and placed my first order. We made social media accounts, cleared out another section in the store, and had a big launch event. It was awesome. So many people came out to shop the collection, and they were loving it.


It kept growing and growing until kids clothing was filling up our stock room. Our store happened to be in the ground floor of a historic hotel that was converted into apartments, and they had a tea room right off the entrance that they rented out for events. We decided to hold an event on a Saturday and bring our full kids line to the tea room so that customers could easily shop it. It was awesome.


It was also right next door to a very modest size vacant business suite. The next thing I knew.... spark. 🤩 That was all it took. We moved all of our kids clothing into the empty suite and Tree Climbers was born. We set an opening date and got busy hanging fixtures, organizing everything, and making it cute. So this time- all of the pieces matched up and everything was in alignment to make Tree Climbers a success. Thank goodness. 👏

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