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Trial + Error

May 15, 2021

Written by Katherine Thomas

I decided that I did not want to start out in debt, so I started by purchasing just a couple pieces, and as things sold I was able to buy more. My first sale was made in the parking lot of Pier 1 Imports out of the trunk of my car. Buying was definitely trial and error. It took a while to learn the styles that were trending, what materials are best, and figuring out which brands I wanted to carry. Tunics and leggings were HOT in 2014.
😅 And I specifically remember a mint and black striped ruffle dress that I must have been out of my mind to order (remember I’m ordering in the middle of the night) because the thought of it still makes me cringe to this day. Treasure Tree’s first event was an Artisan Festival at Kentucky Oaks Mall, and the turn out was SO much more than what I was anticipating. This was the first time I thought: This might actually work. 😳


So I might have been making 100 mistakes, but I must have been doing at least 1 thing right, and that was enough for me.

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