Vision - Treasure Tree Boutique


May 15, 2021

Written by Katherine Thomas

There is a certain magic to looking great and feeling your best. It sets the tone for your day, gives you confidence to conquer anything, and is one of the best things you can do for self care. Have you ever had a favorite dress, or top, or pair of jeans that make you feel invincible when you put them on? That was the spark to my vision of opening Treasure Tree. I wanted to hand pick pieces that make you feel invincible, no matter your body shape. I wanted to create a family style workplace, with a team that is passionate about loving others. I wanted to have a place where women could come and instantly feel uplifted, empowered, and inspired. I wanted to set the stage for helping women highlight and own their beauty. Every detail from the color of the bags, to the curtains hanging in the fitting rooms, to the hand written notes in the orders- was carefully considered with hopes of creating a ripple effect in your life, in your job, and in your home. Because I truly believe that when we are confident in who we are, we can do anything.


{Pictured is how I created the first logo. I drew it with a marker, took a picture of it, and inverted the photo. This was the logo for the first 4 years. ☺️}

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